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Sonámbulo / The Sleepwalker by Theodore Ushev

Blood Manifesto, Theodore Ushev

In the mirror, dimly

The mixed reality installation “In the Mirror, Dimly” is site specific project of Theodore Ushev, combining elements of Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality devices, video animation art, paintings on huge thermal emergency blankets “Myler” and in site drawings with invisible ink, viewed only with the help of UV lighting. It was conceived for first time at Sofia City Art Gallery, produced by Desislava Bineva and “Momenti foundation”, with the help of Sofia City municipality cultural program. It created a high social vague in Sofia, breaking all the records, being visited by 6000 viewers in the short 18 days period of installation.

in the mirror, dimly from Theodore Ushev on Vimeo.


Manifesto “Regard vers le futur”

Et voici la ver. finale du Manifeste, en redaction de Caroline Caza!
Ce manifeste a été lu dans le cadre d’une classe de maître donnée à l’occasion du Festival national d’animation de Bruz, le 13 décembre 2014 à l’auditorium de l’École Européenne Supérieure d’Art de Bretagne (Rennes).

Regard vers le futur

Devant la méconnaissance évidente de la nature de notre métier, il s’avère nécessaire que nous déclarions:
1. L’animation est un Art.
2. L’animation est un art qui a et qui aura une importance culturelle, sociopolitique, humanitaire et thérapeutique.
3. Les cinéastes d`animation font des œuvres courtes, mais pas « des petits films ».
4. Alors que le cinéma en général vit une crise d`identité et que le nombre de ses spectateurs est en déclin, seul le cinéma d’animation voit une croissance importante de son public.
5. L`animation est partout – dans les espaces publics, dans les projections urbaines, dans les salles de cinéma, dans les galeries d`art, dans les festivals, sur le web, sur les téléphones, dans les publicités. L’animation est l`art le plus expressif de tous les arts.
6. Notre art ne se créer pas en fonction des chasseurs-investisseurs d`art, ni du box-office, ni des artifices du monde des tapis rouges avec des défilés de mode de vedettes et des publications dans les journaux de bavardages. C`est un art authentique.
7. Notre seule motivation est de créer des œuvres émouvantes, puissantes, riches, esthétiques et rigoureuses.
8. Nos critiques et notre public sont les peuples de tous les pays, de toutes les races, de toutes les couleurs, de toutes les religions et de toutes les générations.
9. Avec ce manifeste, nous, cinéastes d`animation, déclarons notre appartenance à une communauté de créateurs utilisant un art puissant destiné à être un antidote puissant contre la maladie d`un monde aux prises avec la haine et les conflits.
10. Aucune discrimination n`est permise, car les cinéastes d`animation sont des artistes dignes et non pas des rats mangeurs d’aide sociale ou des travailleurs à la chaîne.

Ce manifeste peut être signé par toute personne du milieu de l’animation, pour une future reconnaissance de notre art.

The Winter collector


Diagonales at la Grande bibliotheque, Montreal

And here is a presentation video of the interactive sound/projection sculpture Diagonales ( or just known as the Monolith) Until 07 of June, on BANQ, Montreal

The upcoming events in Ottawa

Dark Mirror : THE FILMS OF Theodore Ushev,
edited by Tom McSorley.
A Canadian Film Institute publication

Friday, May 2

at 7:30pm launch
Club SAW

Dark Mirror : THE FILMS OF Theodore Ushev,
edited by Tom McSorley.

Theodore Ushev’s astonishing animation is a kinetic collage of graphic artistry, psychological mystery, emotional intensity, ideological uncertainty, and musical alchemy. Ushev’s passionate and exploratory animation films constitute one of the most assured, authoritative, unsettling, and impressive bodies of work in contemporary Canadian moving images arts.

Theodore Ushev will attend the screening to introduce and discuss his films.

Live Animation & Music Performance by Theodore Ushev and Michael Dubue

Saturday, May 3
at 8:00pm

St Luke’s  church

Join us for a unique improvised animation and music performance by award-winning Montreal animator, Theodore Ushev (Lipsett Diaries, Gloria Victoria) and Ottawa musician extraordinaire, Michael Dubue (Hilotrons).

Admission: $5

Licensed event.

Presented by the Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF), Community of Arts and Social Engagement (City of Ottawa) and the Canadian Film Institute * Institut canadien du film

McLaren Mur à Mur/McLaren Wall-to-Wall
Diagonales/ (Sound/Projection/Installation)

Theodore Ushev- Iregular
Grande Bibliothèque (BAnQ)
11 April – 01 June 2014, Montreal

Third Page from the Sun: The Installation

A caustic look at the fate of books in our high-tech society. To a soundtrack of original music by Ana Sokolovic, three abstract animated films—consisting of pages from a festival catalogue, a French-English dictionary and the Bible—play on three separate screens.

Gloria! Victoria?

The things turned down, that the World against is moving through a War. Now, when the Russians are invading Ukraine, because they just wanted democracy and prosperity, in a conflict that there won’t be Winners, won’t be heroes… It will have only blood left and victims. STOP the WAR, now! I dedicate this film to all innocent Ukrainian citizens who lost their life, fighting for their freedom.

Kiev, mon amour

Today is one of the darkest moment of the history of humanity. It is so, because while in Sochi sportists are competing, the Russian leaded government in Kiev is killing peaceful and innocent, unarmed people. Because of their dream for a freedom. In the ancient time when the Olympics were on, all the wars were stopped. But Putin and his marionettes doesn’t have a respect to the history, neither for the sport. He is just another small dictator. And Sochi Olympics will be put together with those in Berlin 36. The Olympic games of the dictatorship and fascism. And the History will put them where they belong – to the rubbish! Shame to all of You who all still staying in those fucked up games. I don’t care about Your medals. They are all fake, in blood!

“Gloria Victoria” Most Well Liked Animated Short of 2013

In a survey of fourteen respected festival programmers and critics who were each asked to name the best animated shorts of 2013, the film that came out on top was Gloria Victoria. Produced at the National Film Board of Canada, the film was selected by nine out of fourteen people surveyed.

An article on this in Cartoon Brew

3rd page from the Sun

London based SKWIGLY magazine’s Ben Mitchell interviewed me about the instalation “3rd page from the Sun”. Here is the video:

Resign! Non-violence

A poster against the national-socialist government brutality against the student protesters in Bulgaria. Resign! Nonviolence

Gloria Victoria and the rest in Sight&Sound, UK

An interesting article in the prestigious UK magazine Sight&Sound:

“…Theodore Ushev has rapidly emerged as one of the most exciting, relevant and provocative of contemporary animators, and his work will surely become more widely known to general audiences in the coming years. Of Bulgarian origin, with a background in poster design, since moving to Canada in 1999 he has garnered increasing acclaim for a series of films produced at the NFB, with 2011’s Lipsett Diaries [watch it at] probably being the best known.

His ‘3D trilogy’ (2006’s Tower Bawher wasn’t conceived as a 3D film but was retrofitted to create a stereoscopic version) are what he terms “poster films”, designed to grab the attention, to provoke a reaction and speak to the soul. They’re also tributes to modernist art movements like constructivism (in the case of Tower Bawher) and Vorticism (this year’sGloria Victoria):

Music is of fundamental importance: Ushev has said he doesn’t choose his music, it chooses him. It’s true that once you have heard Shostakovich’s Leningrad Symphony (No. 7) paired with Ushev’s imagery in Gloria Victoria it will be very hard to separate them again.

These are all great films, but does the 3D add to them? Here, most certainly, especially in 2008’s Drux Flux, which builds a montage from shots of a decaying 19th-century German foundry, mixing documentary with abstract animation.

Ironically, 3D imagery, particularly computer animation, can lack in texture, almost losing depth, but the woodcut-style poster graphics of Gloria Victoria retain a glorious inkiness to them. 3D and the ‘poster film’ seem a perfect fit…”

The tragedy of war

The tragedy of war. Syrian refuges in an abandoned school in Sofia, Bulgaria. So, if You ask me – what Gloria Victoria is about – here is the answer. Look at their faces. They are much more scary than the creatures in my film. That’s why I did it.

Perfectly imperfect

An article… The best ever… From who else, than Mr. Robinson himself.

Gloria arround the Globe

Here is the list of Gloria screenings in the next few weeks. Be welcome, if You are arround:
International Short Film Festival, August 22 to 30 2013, Sao Paulo, Brazil
FANTOCHE International Animation Film Festival, September 3 to 8 2013, Baden, Switzerland
International Film Festival, September 5 to 15 2013, Toronto, Canada
Encounters International Short Film Festival, September 17 to 22 2013, Bristol, England
Athens Int. Film Festival, Sep 18 – Sep 29, 2013, Athens, Greece
International Animation Festival, September 18 to 22 2013, Ottawa, Canada


My films were featured in the section “Directors on Focus” in the professional cinema site Festivalscope.

XXcentury films live music performance, Poznan

On 19th of July, at Animator festival in Poznan, a Live performance of the 3 films from the XX century trilogy had his world premiere. My bigest grattitude to the organizators of the festival, and personally to Wojciech Juszczak, the director of the festival, who, saddly was not able to attend the happening ( my thoughts are all with You!) Tanks to Marcin Gizycki, Filip Kozlowski, Joanna Stankiewicz, and all the organizers of the festival. The performance of Orchestre L’Auttuno was astonishing, precise and moving! It was my greatest experience ever! Here, I will post regularly videos and photos from this historical event.

An excerpt from a bootleg recording from the live music performance at Poznan, Polland 19.07.2013.
Gloria Victoria, music by D. Shostakovitch, 7th symphony

Bootleg recording from the live music performance of XXcentury trilogy at Poznan, Polland 19.07.2013.
Orchestre L’ Autunno, conductor Adam Banaszak.

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