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In a time of grief, and sadness. Of death, and memories… Some of my last paintings:

Drux Flux in Top Ten Canadian film of 2008
Drux Flux was selected Top Ten Canadian films of 2008 by Toronto Internationa Film Festival Group.

At the end of the Year, there a lost of classifications for films. There are 2 of them, who mentioned Drux Flux:

Chris Robinson:

Best short animation of 08.
#1 –by a mile
I am So Proud of you, Don Hertzfeldt

like watching the world through the eyes of a fly. Absurd, tragic, hilarious, poignant depiction of identity, family, life.
No particular order for the rest of the mortal lot:
Chainsaw, Dennis Tupicoff, Australia
Letter to Colleen, Andy/Carolyn London, USA
Drux Flux, Theodore Ushev, Canada
Skhizein, Jeremy clapin, France
Seemannstreue, Anna Kalis, Germany
Cattle Call, Mike Maryniuk and Matt Rankin, Canada
Presto, Doug Sweetland, USA
Muto, Blu, Italy
The Comic that Frenches the Mind, Bruce Bickford, USA
KFJG No 5, Alexei Alexiev, Hungary

Amid Amidi (Cartoonbrew):

There were plenty of fine animated shorts in ‘08 including, but not limited to, Chainsaw by Dennis Tupicoff, I Am So Proud of You by Don Hertzfeldt, The Tale of Little Puppetboy by Johannes Nyholm, My Grandmother Beijing by Mats Grorud, Cattle Call by Matt Rankin and Mike Maryniuk and Drux Flux by Theo Ushev. One film stood out above all. It is a remarkable grand-scale animation experiment that turns the entire world into an animation canvas. Pencil or digital—who cares? All you need is a wall and housepaint. No doubt about it, my favorite animated short of 2008 is Muto by Blu.

It is good to be in a company with the best. Even that it was intended to be a small insignificant film. I guess it will have more mentions in the category – The worst animated shorts of the Year. But I’m proud with this too. One day I will find all the bad things about my films, illustrations and posters. Actually I enjoy them more, than the good ones. They always prove that the things that I do are (may be) right. There is nothing more discouraging that the first place, and the prizes. Those are for the sportive. I’m just a modest long distance runner in the Cote-des-Neiges cemetery. 45 min. Slow. 5 km. 3 times a week.

No matter the best, or worst, important is not to be in the middle…

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