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DRUX FLUX on YouTube

Here it is. Watch DRUX FLUX on NFB YouTube site.

The Canadian cinema magazine Playback asked me:

To hear economists tell it, the world has been ending since September. And though many in the industry have, no doubt, been stung by the world’s money woes, others have not yet had to line up outside a soup kitchen, or move into a cardboard box. So we ask:

“Have you personally been affected by the global financial crisis?”

My answer was:

I’m from a former communist country. There was nothing to eat, no electricity, no heating. You might think it was pure despair. But no, it was actually fun. It was one of my most creative periods. A little shaking up always does some good to the mind and the creative spirit.

What they cut was – in a time of an economy crisis – go and by the most expensive wine, and some caviar and nice cheese, some nice clothes, find a beautiful woman, make a film, and the crisis disappear. If there is not bread – there is always some cake!

Another nomination for Drux Flux

Drux Flux is nominated for Jutra for Best Short animated film( Quebec annual film awards ). The Gala will be on 29th of March, on Radio Canada TV. Some of the screening until then:
28.o2 13:00 – as part of RVCQ – ONF cinema.
There will be a special program of all nominated documentary and animated films in ONF cinema, 3-6march.
It is part of Canadian Top Ten films, touring the country – check the local Repertoire cinema.
And, soon – as part of You Tube screening room iniciative – stay tuned for information.
International screenings:
Tampere Film Festival, Mellbourne Film Festival, Hong Kong Film festival – for more info, go to NFB web site.
Drux Flux – the official trailer

Drux Flux – nominated for Genie awards

The Canadian academy of Cinema and television announced this Year nominations. Drux Flux was nominated for Best animated short. It doesn’t have even theoretical chance to win, but an experimental film to be even nominated, I admitt, I was surprised.

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