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The last

Last drawings for the last scenes for “Lipsett diaries”. It is becoming more and more difficult at the end. At the same time – I kind of don’t want to finish it. I never felt so happy, as doing this film. It was a pure exaltation, in every moment – of joy, or grief. A lot of personal things happened during this film. May be even it is not the end with the “happenings”.

May be it will be my last animated film. Turbulence…

It seems I’m disillusioned about the nature of animation. I always thought it was another form of art. May be it is, may be not, don’t know. And this is not a reaction to the last events. I even stopped reading about what is going on. The criticism, as well as the praise is part of the art and the game. If there is not critics, an artist (how pompous this word sounds – hate it!) have really to be in a serious doubt with what he does…
I thought about ending with animation a lot in the last Year… It was punching me in my nose every time when I was going out of my studio, that what I do, is not in the right place, is not where it belongs.
So, that’s it. No harsh feelings. Let Ani the homemaker (remember, who makes homes for animators since 1907), smile.

Move on

Yes, move on…

Lipsett. 6 scenes left…

Ottawa poster

I didn’t know that such an usual drawing and poster can make such a noise…Incredible… I had much more daring posters in my life. But it seems that the animation community is a little special. And this conversation happens in 2009?!!! Not in 1909…First it was fun. Now it is becoming a little bit …painful. I think I don’t have to explain what I meant with this poster, and why… It looks like an aesthetic war now…
Up to now the poster was compared to Rauschenberg, Kleine, Basquiat, Miro, Picasso, etc…All artist from the modern art, different in style and approach. I only wished I was able to make art as all of them.
Here are the links:
Amid Amidi
Animation Pimp
Michael Sporn
Cartoon cave
Chris Robinson
My friend Marco De Blois, animation curator at Cimémathèque Quebecoise started a very interesting blog with Animation festivals posters, inspired by this dispute:

Ottawa animation festival poster

And here is my poster for Ottawa international animation festival.

Greencry poster

Greencry is an initiative for the graphic designers around the world to support the Iran Green Movement.
This is my contribution! Go green, go!

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