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Bad state of mind

Recently I posted some postings, that I don’t find relevant anymore. It is not a comment blog – it is portfolio blog. Mistake – I admit! So, no more shits – only art! Shits are for the real life!

The font

My favorite font:
Akzidenz Grotesk

Akzidenz-Grotesk is a realist sans-serif typeface originally released by the H. Berthold AG type foundry in 1896 under the title Accidenz-Grotesk.[1] It was the first sans serif typeface to be widely used and influenced many later neo-grotesque typefaces. Max Miedinger at the Haas Foundry used it as a model for the typeface Neue Haas Grotesk released in 1957, and renamed Helvetica in 1960. Miedinger sought to refine the typeface making it more even and unified. Two other releases from 1957, Adrian Frutiger’s Univers and Bauer and Baum’s Folio, take inspiration from Akzidenz-Grotesk.

Akzidenz Grotesk, totally by chance was used as title and credit font in all of Artur Lipsett films…

NFB iPhone application

The new National Film Board application for iTouch and iPhone is ready for download.
Today it was 6th most downloaded application on iTune!
So – Go to iTunes, download it, it is free. And You can watch all NFB films on it, wherever You go. Including mine;) Including the stereo 3d version of Drux Flux, using Colorcode glasses (the Colorcode glasses You can order there for free!)

Ottawa animation festival

I was out from my film to Ottawa animation festival. Needless to say how I enjoyed it. 3 days made me completely alienated from the work. Meeting people, chating, watching films.
The workshop organised by NFB on stereoscopy was packed. So were the screenings on NFB stereofilms, including “Tower Bawher” stereo remix and “Drux Flux”.
This Year, as I work on a film, was quite a difficult for me to watch more films – but at least I was making 2 screenings a day. My jewels this year – Frederick Tremblay’s “The Drawer and the Craw” (the male equivalent of Nathalie Djurberg, but more melancholical, and deep, quite surprisingly.). Bruce Alcock “Vive la rose”. David O’Reilly “Please say something”.Eric Dyer “The Bellows March”. And, of course, my favourite feature animation film, $9.99. Some of the films won, the others – no. But this is not important. It is a fest! And the festivals is to make people happy, and make them think. It seems this is the only way to be better humans, and not to loose our basic communication skills somewhere on the wire. A kiss is still better in the real life, than on the net. So it will be.

65 Years animated logo

Here is the animated version of the logo, that I created for the 65th anniversary of NFB’s animation studio.

The origin

In the origin, is the Father. Here are 2 of his paintings.

I don’t know the titles of the works. They are from 80’s.

Asen Ushev

The Hedgehog



A Year ago, a very close friend of mine, a beautiful person and an incredible and clever woman – Neva Micheva, translated 2 short children stories from the russian writer Sergei Kozlov. This is exactly the same stories, which the famous Youri Norstain’ film “Hedgehog in a fog” was created after. The novels blew up my mind – absurd, gimmick and full with sarcasm, definitely not a children literature…
So, I did illustrations for them. The illustrations were published in a big weekly bulgarian (business!?!) and lifestyle newspaper… Here they are.
Happy Birthday, Neva! Thank You! Waiting for the rest of the translated stories!

Drux Flux

Drux Flux got the third prize at AniMadrid festival in Spain.
I don’t care about the awards, it doesn’t make the film better or worse. But it comes in time when I’m in a serious doubts. So, nothing is better than a little support in hard times. A little clap-clap, when You feel that You only get boo-boo is not a bad thing – something like an ice-cream, when You have flu:)


In 2006 I finished my first official NFB film (the first in time of starting, not in the finishing it, cause during making this film I completed also “Tower Bawher” and “The Man Who Waited”).
A small children fairy tale about…Well, You’ll see what is about if You click here – now available at NFB screening room online. Whit this all my films except “The Man Who Waited” are online.
And just for the records – “The Man Who Waited” is my best ( for my humble opinion.)
You can see it only as a bonus if You buy “Drux Flux” DVD.

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