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Yesterday, we went with a friend of mine on a vernissage of a big exhibition at Canadian Centre of Architecture, in Montreal. I was very surprised to see that Drux Flux was currated and played on it. Together with films of Lazslo Moholy Naggi, Robert Breer, McLaren, Viking Eggeling…
Well, it is my style – never know where my works are or playing at. The evening was great, a lot of people, the party after that was smashing (and the VJ had a lot of matterial to play with, haha – I enjoyed Drux Flux images, mixed with some Ultravox style footages, and “Coeur de pirrate” remixes.
The exhibition “Intermission:Films from a Heroic Future” is open at CCA, Montreal, untill 28 February 2010.
For detailed schedule, see here

David Gilmour promos

Last Years were so hectic, that I usually forget what I did, not to mention that I absolutely have no time to promote myself, and post everything that I do on my site. But sometimes and somehow, this work comes out again. In 2007 I worked with the famous UK design agency “Stylo Rouge” on a series of animations, promos, spots for David Gilmour album “On an Island”.
Here are some of the ads that came from this collaboration:
UK TV commercial

There where 7 or 8 like this. But I like the Czech spot:)

More of the animations are on the DVD “Remember That Night – Live at the Royal Allbert Hall”, and his site.

20 Years ago

At this day. The communism just got down. Like this – click. It was a happy day – didn’t believe it first. It seemed that it is there forever. No signs of falling and freedom. Some ecological demonstrations, after that out teacher of perspective named us fachists…
I was with my teachers at the academy, when they told me at the lunch – it seems that the dictator is down. We got drunk. It marked the beginning of 2 Years, that I’ve spent on the barricades, drawing posters, organizing strikes, meetings, occupations, and even participating in a really violent act of attacking a governmental building, fire on it, excited in an anarchistic drunkenness from the sudden freedom. Who needed art in those days – instead of painting models of old women and naked models, I was painting posters, and slogans for demonstrations, and spending my year on the streets with the lumpen proletariat of the marginals and all time losers. The beautiful times of the holly freedom, when You can see a cop, or Your boss, or Your teacher, or any authorities on the street, and to pee on his shoes and tell him that You just fucked his sister, and he would say – thank You. Henry David Thoreau was my writer, and everything was pure excitement. 20 Years ago. All the important happenings in my life happens in November. The fall of the communism, my daughter was born in November, I first met my wife in November. My film is going to be finished in November… I love Novembers!

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