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A spectre is haunting the Net:

the spectre of communism.

It transformed Marx quotation by Richard Barbrook. His articles and visions are impressive.

Or this one.

Positive:work-as-commodity___The Negation:waste-as-gift___The Negation of the Negation: work-as-gift.

Or like this: e-commerce___potlatch___Network communities.

Or like this: copyright___creative commons___open source.

Sounds familiar, no?
At the end of the twentieth century, anarcho-communism is no longer confined to avant-garde intellectuals. What was once revolutionary has now become banal. As Net access grows, more and more ordinary people are circulating free information across the Net. Crucially, their potlatches are not attempts to regain a lost emotional authenticity. Far from having any belief in the revolutionary ideals of May ’68, the overwhelming majority of people participate within the hi-tech gift economy for entirely pragmatic reasons. Sometimes they buy commodities on-line and access state-funded services. However, they usually prefer to circulate gifts amongst each other. Net users will always obtain much more than will ever be contributed in return. By giving away something which is well-made, they will gain recognition from those who download their work. For most people, the gift economy is simply the best method of collaborating together in cyberspace. Within the mixed economy of the Net, anarcho-communism has become an everyday reality. “We must rediscover the pleasure of giving: giving because you have so much. What beautiful and priceless potlatches the affluent society will see – whether it likes it or not! – when the exuberance of the younger generation discovers the pure gift.

The ephemeral nature of “new media”

From time to time I have to clean my archives. Then, I find hundreds of forgotten works, projects. I just found a CD with an old version of Mortadellatv. At this time (2001) it was full with interactive art, new media “paintings” and “conceptual” flash. As I now believe the interactive art is a “passé” – (it is aging extremely badly – does anyone remembers “Onceuponaforest” or Pitaru experiments, or…forgot their names even…There were many.)  Everything is dead, it even doesn’t exists on the web. So, I was lucky enough not to loose my time too much on all those projects (and not to spend any money on it). Some of them won awards.

My favorite was:

“Symbiotic colostrum – letters to the muse”

It is an interactive “love” painting, in which the movement of the mouse was indicating the words of a “love letter”. It had the ability to send generated Latin letters to a person (not to be revealed:)

The Story of King Midas



Bruckner, 8th

There is nothing more beautiful as graphic art, than the score of Bruckner the 8th, noted by a conductor…

Fashion designer Alexander McQueen dies

And every time when I think, or mention Artur Lipsett, someone commits suicide. In the fashion world, Alexander McQueen was kind of like Lipsett for the cinema – the troubled rebellion, the conscious clown of the fashion circus. He was a clown himself.
About his career in Guardian.
R.I.P Alexander McQueen.

Arthur Lipsett

It seems that there are not many people who have seen the Artur Lipsett films. Luckily, we live in the good time of internet screening rooms. I couldn’t imagine anyone to remember, or know something about him 10 Years ago, except some dedicated cinema “connoisseurs”. Where You can see such a films? In the cinema? On the TV? (How happy I’m that the TV on the death couch now- when I was creating Morta della TV 12 Years ago I even didn’t think that the name will happen). I’m totally excited of the new technologies, and all the opportunities, and the knowledge, and art exposure that they give to the people. At first, web was the money making tool. It is still. But see how huge is the presence of the “fringe” art, the “forgotten” art. Artur “who” would ask me the people 10 Years ago. Artur “here” I answer, now.:

Very nice, very nice

Money and the art

The artist must earn money in order to be able to live and to draw, but he must by no means live and draw for the purpose of making money.

The dialectic of the process

The 2 postings below can be in one. They describe the process of creation. One (the “Decapitated…” drawing is a pure freedom. Destruction. Self-conscious act. Pure excitement.
The other is a commissioned work. The scene from the film with Melissa throwing the chair describes the doubts and the feelings behind it. But, I never destroy the works commissioned to me. On the opposite. I have respect for this part of my work. I know, that without the “art on command” there won’t be the other, the pure expression. The truth lies in the middle. I won’t be able to create anything, if I work only for myself, if I don’t have the stimulus of the client, of the people around me at NFB, or the “commissioner”. I don’t believe in the “ lonely artist” in his studio. Without the communication, the construction, and deconstruction of the “real” life, I wouldn’t be able to create a single line. The obstacles, the contraventions, the conflicts are essential part of the creative process. The pure freedom is a trap, a hole. At the time, when someone will give me all the freedom, all the ressources – I will be dead. Better to go to the beach, than to work. This is my idea for the dialectic of creation, which I had in mind, doing the film “Lipsett diaries”. The artist has to be in the maelstrom of the events and the time.

Champlain paintings

A short “making of” clip, describing the process of creating the paintings in the film “Facing Champlain”

Postpartum drawings

Decapitated portrait

The 3-dimensional man

I find this image (based on a still from Drux Flux) funny, but it perfectly illustrates the idea behind the film “Drux Flux” – The 1D Man, in 3D…Herbert Marcuse must be spinning in his grave…

Read the full NOW magazine article here:

This blog is in French

A friend of mine asked me – why You don’t write it in French. It is in French, I answered.

I draw and paint in French. My images are in French. Some of them are in Bulgarian, especially the old ones. But also some of the new too. If You have the eyes to see it.

I consider the words here as subtitles. There are for better understanding. The text is full with errors, but I don’t care. I don’t use spell checker. I just subtitle my works.

The text are not important for me – it doesn’t have any meaning. They are descriptive, informative and without feelings. But they are nice signs, well designed, nice forms and shapes. The written words are simply – forms, and designs. As the spoken words are music.

Screening in Quebec city

Auditorium 1, Musée de la civilisation ( 85 rue Dalhousie , Québec )

Mercredi 10 fevrier  – 19h30

Drux Flux (2008, 4 min) et
Tower Bawher
(2007, 4 min)
de Theodore Ushev.

Federico Fellini,
(1972, 128 min) 35mm.

Postpartum drawings

Body in a destructive chair

An article

Article about the web and the cinema in the german magazine Telepolis. It is in German:

New paintings

Here are some of my recent paintings.

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