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An interesting critic for “Drux Flux”

I’ve found very interesting review on the web today, it is about my film “Drux Flux”. I love the point of view of this critic, it is from the web blogue Vagabonguru.:

Anti-Industrial Revolution Digital Artist?

Read the full article here.


A Break from the animation. May be forever. New challenges.

Lipsett diaries Montreal pre-premiere

Pre-Premiere day. “Lipsett diaries” Montreal closed invitation screening.  A little bit scary, I haven’t seen the film since January… But it will be mostly friends projection…
The program will open with my recent film “Yannick Nézet Séguin – No Intermission”.

New paintings


Sky through the window 1


Just finished a film-portrait of the famous Young conductor Yannick Nezet-Seguin(Rotterdam Symphonic Orchestra, MET, London Symphonic Orchestra, etc…). And he said in the film, something, that I’ve never realized. I share those words:
The way I understand it, like everything else, humans are created in balance.
There’s always a yin and a yang. There’s always black and white, always a positive and a negative.
There’s hope and there’s doubt. And since I’m someone who’s been greatly blessed in life, extremely happy and fundamentally optimistic,
I often wonder why I’m so attracted to works that deal with the end of life, with death, suffering and sadness?

Allmost done.

The new film is almost done. I feel ok. I can have some sleep now, and watch some films. For the start – Eric Rohmer. I love his films, I think he is the best director from the “nouvelle vague”. Though, it is stupid to be classified like this. OK, he is not the best. It is just like this – i like it at the moment. I wished there were more new films like this now, at the moment. It seems that the current model in the cinema doesn’t really work… Which means, that it won’t be long and we will have a new “nouvelle vague”, if we don’t have it already, hidden. What about the Latin America cinema…

About the cinema, and the money

A text by Xavier Dolan, responding critics over his speech at the Jutra gala. In French. I totally support every word he says:
And, if we talk about animation? What is going to be said? About overpraised animated shorts, over budgeted, done for 10 Years, and seen only from 50 person? About doubtlessly significant for me projects, boring, and pretentious, so even their creators start snoring watching them? No comments. Be clever. And don’t abuse the system! It is good, but don’t rape it! Cause the day when we will all be on the street, depressed, and poor, and without financing, and asking our grand mother for a bunch of money to do our sound, and make a single 35 copie, is approaching… Don’t force the coming of this day with Your films! It is a déja vu… I’ve lived it in the country, where I came from. I saw it in our neighbors, too.
Or we have to start from now pitching for Kleenex and Charming advertising… Without success, of course. They need “no brainers”, no teasers. Better create a viral video, and post it on Youtube,. And wait for God(o) to come, following Our traffic fame…

Stills from my new film

Some preliminary stills from my new film “Yannick, sans entracte”.

Prémiere – 16 June, National Art Center, Ottawa. More will be revealed soon.

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