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The cloud breaths

Yesterday evening, we did a masterclass. Didn’t expect so many people. I felt happy. For first time we did a “live cinema” performance. “Cloud breaths” Chris wrote the text. Poetic, and powerful. I was mixing directly animations, footage, sounds. It went smooth. Too bad, my fiend had a problem with the camera, didn’t film it, so it is gone forever. Even better! It stays a Zen event, the happiness of the momentum. Everything that rest is those 15 min. of pure exaltation, shared love and emotions. I feel happy.

Quotation of the evening:

“You have to stop going to those festivals, partying, drinking, f…, women. And stay at home and do films, don’t spend Your time and talent for nothing. And come finally to fix Your teeth!” My dentist, Dr. Y.P., after the workshop.

I will listen to her. Tomorrow I fly to Holland… And another month and a half of festivals, and …


Haunted by demons, redeemed by film

Theodore Ushev’s award-winning animation captures Arthur Lipsett’s life and work in just 14 minutes

The full article
“But for anyone who missed it at FNC, the real showstopper is Theodore Ushev’s Lipsett Diaries, about renowned Canadian avante garde filmmaker Arthur Lipsett, which may well be a con­tender for best film of the year—and I don’t just mean “best short film,” “best animated film,” or “best Canadian film.” A visual and aural assault that meshes expressionistic painting with re-pur­posed clips and dialogue from Lipsett’s films, the film creates a fictional diary (written by animation historian Chris Robinson, who will appear in person to discuss the film) that follows the chaot­ic trajectory of Lipsett’s life, sadly ended by suicide in 1986.”
KIER-LA JANISSE, “Montreal Mirror”
The full article

“L’ensemble est fragmenté en une structure dadaïste, à la manière Lipsettt, vraiment remarquable. C’est Xavier Dolan qui assure la narration dans les deux langues, meilleur en anglais, au demeurant. La bande sonore, très travaillée par Olivier Calvert, est un collage musical répondant à celui des images. ”

Odille Tremblay “Le Devoir”
The full article

“Recréer le passé” par Guillaume Moffet
VOIR, Ottawa

2010 manifesto of animation – first comes first!

Exactly 10 Years ago, a group of designers signed the First Comes First design m…anifesto.
So, a little bit later, there is the FCF manifesto of the animation.
1. Draw at least one drawing a day.
2. Read, watch, listen.
3. Sex at least once a day.
4. Run or exercise at least 30 min. per day.
5. Don’t touch ugly things. They destroy Your sense of aesthetic.
6. Don’t do stupid jobs only for money.
7.Don’t drink cheap wine. Don’t eat in a cheap restaurants, no fast food! Don’t think about Your rent, or credits. If You buy a car – nothing less than a new expensive one. Better ecological hybrid. Everything less is a garbage.
8. Steal, steal, steal (this one is stolen from Yurii Norstein!)
9. Don’t watch Cartoon Network, or any other Cartoons, – it is dangerous for Your brain.
10. Always remember – a “G-Star” jacket or “7…” jeans is always more
valuable than Your film, no mater how many Years, months, or seconds You’ve spent on it.
and the additional:
11. (The Most important!) Don’t take seriously, don’t follow and trust this manifesto! ;)

Some press clippings

London Film Festival review:

“That’s certainly not the case with Theodore Ushev’s Lipsett Diaries [official site], which is the one film out of this year’s twelve that really attacks the audience with sound and visuals. For someone like me who isn’t that familiar with Canadian animators, it’s a film with two surprises. Firstly, there’s the discovery halfway through that it’s based on the diaries of real-life avant-garde filmmaker Arthur Lipsett (whose Very Nice, Very Nice was greatly admired by no less an authority than Stanley Kubrick): then there’s the disclaimer at the end that Lipsett didn’t leave any diaries, so Ushev had to make them up. Still, it appears that Lipsett had a somewhat tormented life, and Diaries is an impressive attempt at getting inside his head.”

Lipsett-more screenings added

Golden Horse International Film Festival
November 3 to 20 2010, Taipei, Taiwan

Holland Animation Film Festival
November 3 to 7 2010, Utrecht, Netherlands

International Film Festival
November 4 to 21 2010, Leeds, England

International Animated Film Festival / CINANIMA
November 8 to 14 2010, Espinho, Portugal

San Francisco International Animation Festival
November 11 to 14 2010, San Francisco, US

L’Alternativa / International Festival of Independent Films
November 13 to 21 2010, Barcelona, Spain

Black Nights Film Festival
November 19 to 23 2010, Tallinn, Estonia

International Festival of Documentary and Short Film – (Zinebi)
November 22 to 27 2010, Bilbao, Spain

Drawing is gone

This drawing won’t be seen at the exhibition. It’s been sold 2 days before it. Snif…

Lipsett. P.S.

Thursday, October 21, 5:00 pm,
Canteen Art Shop & Gallery
Works by Theodore Ushev / Oeuvres de Theodore Ushev
Canteen Art Shop & Gallery, 238 Dalhousie Street
Reception Thursday, Oct 21 / jeudi, le 21 octobre – Vernissage
5:00pm to 8:00pm / 17h00 à 20h00

For the exhibition Lipsett. P.S., Theodore continues to explore the interpretation of the ideas and the aesthetics of the film Lipsett Diaries, recreating scenes, painted over, with written texts by Chris Robinson. The exhibition Lipsett. P.S. charts a prodigious frenzy of creation, a tableau depicting an artist’s dizzying descent into depression and madness

Pour l’exposition « Lipsett. P.S. », Theodore continue d’explorer l’interprétation des idées et de l’esthétique du film « Lipsett Diaries », recréant des scènes, peignant par-dessus à l’aide de textes écrits par Chris Robinson. L’exposition « Lipsett. P.S. » trace une prodigieuse frénésie de création, un tableau dépeignant la descente étourdissante d’un artiste dans la dépression et la folie.

All the profit from exhibition will be donated to Jewish General Hospital – The Centre for Child Development and Mental Health.

Uncle Boonmee…

I love Apichatpong Weerasethakul. There is nothin fresher and new in the cinema today that this genius!

The new art and cinema

After seeing some “experimental” “interactive”, and ” live cinema” works, I would say – if all impotent artists continue producing with such a perseverance the “new media” cinema, I will organize an ecological movement against the so called new media artists. It is pollution, boys! Projecting slides on the wall, and recycling the found footage doesn’t make art “new”. For art, there is an artist needed, concept, and having something to say! See again Lipsett films, I would say… They are much newer than the new ones.

The Lipsett storm

It is like a storm. First were some Canadian medias. Then “Rolling Stone”, Bulgaria ( one of the best interviews that I’ve ever had, though, the girl was really, really smart). Russian newspapers. An article even invented the genre “mocumentary”, trying to describe the genre in which the film was done. A Russian newspaper in Montreal quoted my Suitcase diaries?! about Hiroshima even. Now, Lipsett is the most popular Canadian director in East Europe – or may be, even the only one. The only experimantal director known there, for sure.Now it is not only George Lucas who praise him…  Soon, the students in East Europe will start to study him, as they do in Concordia, and Toronto, for example. Yes, this is the AWARD, that I’ve never dreamed of, while making this film.

Now, there are more russians, Bulgarian, Croations who know who Lipsett is, than Canadian ones. Yesterday, at the first screening in Montreal, there were still people who’ve heard about him for the first time. The people are starting watching his films, talk about the bipolar disorder, discuss his films. I wouldn’t be more satisfied than this.

It has never been important if the film is good or not. The people are talking about Lipsett.” The Medium is the Message ” McCoulough said. Lipsett also loved McCoulough, putting him on his 21-87 film.  Susan Sontag wrote in 60’s:

It is possible to elude the interpreters in another way, by making works of art whose surface is so unified and clean, whose momentum is so rapid, whose address is so direct, that the work can be… just what it is.

Damn right was Sontag, as usual.

It doesn’t matter what it is on it, as everyone is watching it. Postmodernity does restore a use value to aesthetic production, but the use is not simply functional. This condition is marked by dematerialization, simulation and commodification of aesthetic artefacts, most of which are pure image. The formerly elite culturall appreciation has not so much vanished, as exploded. What will matters, is the content…

A radio interview, i think the best about “Lipsett”

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