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Winter whispers live cinema performance

“Winter whispers”, end of performance from Theodore Ushev on Vimeo.

In Canada’s Top Ten shorts

Lipsett Diaries – named Canada’s Top Ten films of 2010.

This is one of the most important (if not most important) award for me. As it comes from home, and it is not only for animation. My film makes the list for the 2nd time, after Drux Flux in 2008.

What is avant-guarde?

The happiness.

The happiness.

Izola, Slovenia, 05.12.2010.

The nature of being

The thing is – I live a hectic live. And I love it. Changing 3 countries in a week make me feel better. There is a certain excitement of having to do something new every week. To chalkenge Yourslef, to develope new construction, ideas. Every live cinema performance that I did in the past 4 weeks was a unique experience, inspired by the place, the time, the wish to create. Of being. It made me feel well. Tired, but satisfied. Ofcourse, I’m not an idiot who think that this is a great art. It is just excercices on the style. A fast reaction. Films without a producer, without a necessity of being succesful. Films that stay in the short time of 15 min. The time is gone – the art is gone. No filming. No memory. The memory stays only in the heads of the visitors. Allways between 20 and 50.It is like a Zen action, Like a Mandala. You creatsomething, and brings emotions, and destroy it with a gesture. No budgets. No festivals. No jury. Not a race. You and the emotion of creation. Nothing else.

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