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Applied arts winners

And here is the official announce of this Year Applied Arts Photography&Illustration winners. For a second Year, my illustrations won this competition. This Year, for the “24Images” editorial illustrations about the French New  Wave movie director Alain Resnais. Excited!

The world behind…

How can I stop myself from not doing a film after the events in Africa and Middle East? Those are events more important that the fall of Berlin Wall. And they will have much deeper impact on the World… ON all of us.

Dealing with the refusal

This is what the writer Yann Martel says about the refusal:

It’s hard.  Just today I got a bad review of my book in the New York Times.  The day it comes out, I’m in New York, the Goddamn New York Times gives me a terrible review.  It hurts.  But there’s no secret to it.  I imagine Shakespeare hated getting negative reviews, and you know, there’s always going to be somebody who doesn’t like what you do, always, no matter, you know, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Dante, I’m sure there are people who told them their stuff sucks.  It hurts.  You know, you give everything to art, as I said, we are story animals, so when your story is rejected, it hits you right here.  You know, if you’re a dentist, if you’re an accountant, you can have bad days at work, it’s just your job, it’s not who you are.  Art, just like religion, it’s who we are.  So when you get a bad review, it’s your entire being that is negated.  And that hurts.  Not that you do it for approval, you’re not pandering for approval.

You don’t do it for approval, you have to let go. But in people that you care for, you know, you want, you know, you want to impress the people close to you.  You know, you don’t want to have written a novel and then your wife, your girlfriend, you boyfriend, your parents, would have, then sort of have to sort of, you know, lie.  You don’t, you know, so, you know, art is profoundly social, so you want at some level your gift to be accepted.  I say that, but at the same time, it is a free gift, you have to let go.  You have to have that Buddhist attitude of passionate detachment.  Which I generally had, and I just got that review today, so that kind of sucks, but you have to let go.

Lipsett in Portland 2

“The Lipsett Diaries” chronicles the diary of Arthur Lipsett, a revolutionary Canadian filmmaker. Perhaps the most impressive of the shorts shown at the Northwest Film Center for the beginning of this month, “The Lipsett Diaries” truly offers a profound performance. The animation is wonderful—that alone is enough to see the film. Each frame expresses days and days of effort and love. The impressionistic style is appropriately chilling, with regards to the storyline that leads up Lipsett’s eventual suicide. A gut-wrenching film, “The Lipsett Diaries” by director Theodore Ushev captures all of life’s emotions into 14 minutes. (4 out of 5 stars)

Ines Kuna

Vantguard magazine

Lipsett in Portland

PIFF gets Spiffy

“This is definitely the most star-studded shorts program this year, with animation eminence Bill Plympton exploring a more vibrant palette in The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger. and Jonathan Caouette (Tarnation) recruiting Chloe Sevigny for his first foray into narrative filmmaking, All the Flowers in Time. But it’s Lipsett Diaries that makes this omnibus essential. Theodore Ushev’s homage to the frantic film experiments of Arthur Lipsett, who committed suicide in 1986, braids painterly animation, fevered narration (delivered by wunderkind Xavier Dolan) and a clanging score by Canadian noise-niks Set Fire to Flames to capture a cracking mind’s flustered visions.”
Willamete week, Portland, Oregon

The New project

My new project. A film? A book?

Way to go!

Lipsett diaries – Best Animation Film at Clermont Ferrand filmfest. That is definitely the biggest recognition that the film got up to now.

And a nomination for Jutra! This is my 5th nomination for the most prestigious film awards in Canada.

Lipsett and the Genie…

Lipsett diaries got nomination for Genie award (Canadian Academy of Cinema). In Ottawa, 10th of March, direct on CBC… It will be funny.

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