McLaren, Mossolov, and…Drux Flux

One of the reasons to enjoy going to NFB studios, is catching out with the people there. The interesting people, who are full of stories, anecdotes, and surprise discoveries. One of this passionate people, who truly is like the living history of NFB, is the amazing director, Don McWilliams (Aloud/Bagatelle – which is one of my all time favourite films  from NFB). He has allways stories to tell – for the “creative process”, or just… the sexual live of some known directors (which is quite the same:) . Yesterday, passing by his studio, he told me -
“You know, McLaren always wanted to make a film over Mossolov’s music.”
“What?” I’ve jumped.
“Yes, he was playing me an old record, that You barely can hear the music on it, excited, and was telling me – that is my next film.
Astonishing! This should be the recording that McLaren listened to, as this is the only recording of this piece of music before 1979…
This recording, in which the metal sheet is clearly audible, is played by the Orchestre Symphonique de Paris conducted by Julius Ehrlich. According to the original label, Ehrlich was from the State Opera in Leningrad, but he later moved to Milwaukee. The recording comes from a 10″ light blue label Columbia disc, LB17, released in late 1934
It is from a performance of the small piece of “Iron Foundry” ballet, (which has been lost in his entirety). It is the same music, that I got inspired from, and used for my film “Drux Flux”…