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The animation is ROCK

Here is theĀ proveĀ – ” Lipsett diaries” as part of POP Montreal music festival. And stay tuned for two new films, that will rock You as nothing before…

The animation is rock…

The Echo

A great article as a result from London sessions. The Lipsett diarist.

The London happiness!

Yesterday, I bought a book with the last writings from Kurt Schwitters, while immigrant in London. There is text, how he died unrecognised, how a friend of him organised a reading of his poems (including the quintessential “Ursonnate”), and how there were 12 people at it. After that was reading about Turner, criticized and smashed by the crytics at that time…It is hard thing, the struggling of an artist, when he doesn’t get little or not recognition for his works allive…

Those days in London, organised by LIAF, in Barbican, were pure, pure happiness. The masterclass, the exhibition, the retrospective together with Lipsett films..I’ve never had such a great response, and interest before. The public, inteligent,just the questions were flowing one after another. The projection, the greatest that I’ve ever had for my films, the image, the sound. The feeling, just made me cry…I said somewhere before, that I can feel every person at the screening, his emotions, doubts, reaction. It makes me alive, to wish to continue. The live contact at the festivals, it cannot be compared with any Web clicks, or numbers, with any awards. There is not a better reaward, than a person, who just watched Roman Kroiter’ “Universe” before, found out about the event by chance, came, discussed together, etc…Big, big thanx to all the people at London Animation Festival, personally to Nag and Malcolm, and Mandy, the Barbican incredible organisation, and the office of Quebec in London, to make this happens. I don’t need any flights anymore, cause I suddenly got a pair of wings:)

Now, I can die, and stop making anything. I had my moment. Did I say don’t make anything. Well…Just got inspiration, and all my question answered about my next films, wallking to Thames canal, after seying the vortycists and Miro at Tate… This is London calling!

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