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Die Lipsett tagebucher

While “Lipsett…” is not officially online yet, someone posted an illegal version on Utube…in German. And I love how it sounds!

Happy animation day!

Exactly 12 Years ago, a group of designers signed the First Comes First design manifesto.
So, a little bit later, there is the FCF manifesto of the animation.
1. Draw at least one drawing a day.
2. Read, watch, listen.
3. Sex at least once a day.
4. Run or exercise at least 30 min. per day.
5. Don’t touch ugly things. They destroy Your sense of aesthetic.
6. Don’t do stupid jobs only for money.
7.Don’t drink cheap wine. Don’t eat in a cheap restaurants, no fast food! Don’t think about Your rent, or credits. If You buy a car – nothing less than a new expensive one. Better ecological hybrid. Everything less is a garbage.
8. Steal, steal, steal (this one is stolen from Yurii Norstein!)
9. Don’t watch Cartoon Network, or any other Cartoons, – it is dangerous for Your brain.
10. Always remember – a “G-Star” jacket or “7…” jeans is always more
valuable than Your film, no mater how many Years, months, or seconds You’ve spent on it.
and the additional:
11. (The Most important!) Don’t take seriously, don’t follow and trust this manifesto! ;)

Lipsett Diaries: A Tormented Life Animated

An article in the influential British magazine “Electric Sheep”.

To all of You who repeat that Tower Bawher is my best – read this:)

Lipsett Diaries…It is certainly Ushev’s best film, although his animations have displayed technical virtuosity from the beginning. His first work – The Man Who Waited (2006) – re-tells a Kafka short story through a rapid, claustrophobic edit of images, hand-drawn in the style of German expressionist woodcuts. The fast pacing of Ushev’s filmmaking – something shared with Lipsett’s – is a real strength, and the retrospective included several shorts influenced by 20th-century art movements obsessed with mechanism and speed: constructivism, futurism and vorticism. Tower Bawher (2006) followed this pattern and re-trod a path pioneered in Russia at the start of last century. There was nothing new about the montages of newsprint, geometric blocks, architectural towers and saluting hands but the computer-generated speed did add a certain freshness to the images.”


…occasio praeceps, experimentum periculosum, iudicium difficile. The beginnig of this sentence is much more optimistic…

A little Pen story

Here is a story of my pen… I’ve never met Alzek Misheff in person, we only communicated recently by e-mail. I know that his son is becoming…a filmmaker…


“Nightingales in December” is a hauntingly beautiful three-minute short by Theodore Ushev (Lipsett Diaries, Drux Flux). The film’s aggressive flood of painterly imagery, alternately violent and melodic, leaves a powerful impression on the viewer. Perhaps that’s because Ushev makes animated films with an emphasis on the filmmaking part of the equation. He understands that when space, time, and light are manipulated thoughtfully, animation can express a deeper emotional resonance. The individual pieces of artwork in Nightingales in December are lovely, to be sure, but it’s the way that Ushev builds it into an animated film that truly sings.”
Amid Amidi , Cartoonbrew

Nightingales in December

Nightingales in December will open Festival of  New Cinema this evening, just before the feature film LA GUERRE EST DÉCLARÉE from Valérie Donzelli.

The Festival of New Cinema approached me early this Year with an astonishing proposition – to create a film, produced by the festival, as a Carte Blanche, for the 40th anniversary of the festival. The only condition – to be under 4 min. I’ve contacted the great Montreal musician Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown) about the music.

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