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Demoni on Motionographer

The brilliant animator and director Michelle Higa posts about Demoni on the MOTIONOGRAPHER bible as well…

Demoni on Cartoonbrew

And as usual Amid Amidi nails it best:

Ushev, whose artwork tends to be dramatic (Lipsett Diaries, Tower Bawher, Drux Flux), takes a light-hearted turn in this video and fills a series of spinning records with playful bouncing shapes and figures. Graphically, he’s playing in the same sandbox as early-20th century surrealists and abstract painters. One imagines if Miro, Kandinsky and Klee had teamed up to make an animated music video, it would have looked something like this.

Cartoonbrew article in full

Screenings in the cinema

Le Facebook cinéma, c’est bon, mais voici les projections des mes films, qui ne sont pas distribué sur Net.

Prends ça court! en collaboration avec le Ciné-Campus de l’Outaouais à Gatineau:6 avril, ROSSIGNOLS EN DÉCEMBRE de Théodore Ushev devant LA BALLADE DE L’IMPOSSIBLE de Tran Anh Hung;
Cinéma Magog, QC: ROSSIGNOLS EN DÉCEMBRE de Théodore Ushev devant L’EXERCISE DE L’ÉTAT les 8-9-10 avril;
Jeudi, 29 Mars, Holland animation festival, Uttrecht, Programme 1
Lipsett diaries:
ExCentris devant le prochain film de Sylvie Groulx dès le 20 avril,
jeudi 31 mai 2012 à l’Actor’s Studio à Bruxelles,
et les deux films dans ma rétrospective au Cinema ELDORADO, le vendredi 27 avril à Dijon, France.
Merci a ONF et Danny Lennon!
Parce que il a rien comparable que de voir un film dans une bonne salle du cinéma

Demoni process

OK, as many people asked me, here is the process: Demoni was created using about 50 vinyl recordings. No computer was USED, except for the final editing. It was painted directly on the plates with oil and gel paint markers, and acrylics. Different speeds of the “Viking” gramophone were used to create the movement. Some shots were done also with stopmotion using a Canon 5D, Carl-Zeiss macro lenses. It uses the principle first cinema tool ever made, called Zoopraxiscope, created by Muybridge, and developed into a Thomas Edison and William Kennedy Dickson’s Kinetoscope, the first commercial film exhibition system.


My new film for Kottarashky&The Rain Dogs.

Rossignols en Annecy

Oui, le printemps m’apporte des émottions… Ca va être une semaine hallucinent… Pour ce petit film, fait sans budget, comme carte blanche pour FNC, mais mon film plus personnelle depuis Tower Bawher, j’admitte, s’est le film que je me sent très attaché, parce que ce ma fille qui est dans le film, la petite fille en voyage… Parce que c’est dans mon fin, ou c’est le débute.

Nightingales in Tampere

Nightingales in December wins his first recognition : Diploma of Merit, Tampere International Short Film Fest. Some of the next screenings of the film : Monstra Festival Lisbon, Anifest – Czech Republic, Stuttgart Animation Festival

The Fathers and the Cats

It is the Dog’s Monday. That is a story, that I wrote for a…. More – in a week!

The Fathers and the Cats

On the old wooden fence of an old house, two fathers sat, barefoot. As they sat there, whiling away the time, one of them pulled a black cat out of his pocket.

The cat looked at him, meowed, and hopped away in the direction of the house. The other father had a chimney on his hat. He clapped his hands and a red cat jumped out of the chimney.

“Follow me, the two of you,” the red cat said. They followed her into the house. Inside, the black cat was holding the hand of a hen, who was reclining on a white bed.

“She will be ready for the wedding, don’t worry about a thing,” said the red cat.

“Wedding?” one of the fathers asked. “What wedding? We thought tomorrow was the Dogs Monday?”
“For you, yes,” the black cat said, “but for us, tomorrow’s a wedding morning.”

Then the black cat turned into a white one, and the red cat turned blue, and they took each other by the hand and disappeared into the sky, leaving the two fathers to wonder about the hen.

The hen sighed deeply. When they turned to look at her, she had disappeared. On the white bed cover, only a single white feather remained.

“I hope the sun won’t catch them on the road” murmured the second father.
“What a night,” whispered the first father. “A bewitched night,” added the second. “Take the feather,” the first said. “Yes, take the feather,” the second said. “Let’s wait till morning,” said the first. “Yes, let’s meet in the morning,” yawned the second. “We’ll figure out what to do in the morning.” And they sat, and waited, bare feet crossed, watching the full moon race across the sky.

On the old wooden fence of an old house, two fathers sat, barefoot.

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