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Nightingales as Vimeo Staff pick!

Nightingales in December from Theodore Ushev on Vimeo.

Demoni is back at Leipzig

6 screenings of Demoni at Leipzig Cinémathéque as part of Bioskop Balkanale, before every feature film! 29.03.-04.04, Leipzig
Demoni played last Year at DOK Leipzig opening night.

Um auch während Bioskop Balkanale (Ost) an die klassische Vorführtradition anzuschließen, zeigen wir als Vorfilm die Animation DEMONI. Einem alten bulgarischen Brauch zufolge trieb man früher mit einem Feuer die Winterdämonen aus. Dieses Fest fand stets vier Wochen vor Ostern am Hunde-Sonntag statt, an dem auch DEMONI spielt. Der Animationsfilm ist in bester Joan Miró-Art mit Ölfarben, Acryllacken und Gelrollern auf 50 Vinylplatten gezeichnet. Dank der am Schwarzen Merr aufgenommenen Samples von »Kottarashky & the Rain Dogs«, einer der aktuell gefragtesten Live-Bands Bulgariens, ist DEMONI, welcher der Eröffnungsvorfilm bei DOK Leipzig 2012 war, auch beim wiederholten Sehen äußerst kurzweilig.

Demoni from Theodore Ushev on Vimeo.

Life is a dream…

In the last 3 months I was doing extensive and exhausting traveling around the world, showing my films, participating in Juries, and giving Masterclasses and workshops. Slowly, while traveling, a topic just forged out from everything that I lived and saw – Life is a Dream, and everything is a game.  Suddenly I realized that the first part is actually the name of a classical theater play, that  i saw, while being it Theater Decoration School, from the Spanish middle age writer Calderon de la Barca. The second part,  I guess, just comes out from any postmodern artist actions…

Against the Bulgarian Mafia, rip off the bastards!

Here, I should post information about my retrospective, and workshops in Spain. But recent events in Bulgaria, just made my cry, and I just want to post this painting, from my Lipsett 2010 exhibition. Today I dedicate it to the memory of 36-year-old Plamen Goranov who self-immolated in the city of Varna, protesting against the Bulgarian Mafia in February and who died on Sunday. The fight continues, my friends. Rip them off!

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