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XXcentury films live music performance, Poznan

On 19th of July, at Animator festival in Poznan, a Live performance of the 3 films from the XX century trilogy had his world premiere. My bigest grattitude to the organizators of the festival, and personally to Wojciech Juszczak, the director of the festival, who, saddly was not able to attend the happening ( my thoughts are all with You!) Tanks to Marcin Gizycki, Filip Kozlowski, Joanna Stankiewicz, and all the organizers of the festival. The performance of Orchestre L’Auttuno was astonishing, precise and moving! It was my greatest experience ever! Here, I will post regularly videos and photos from this historical event.

An excerpt from a bootleg recording from the live music performance at Poznan, Polland 19.07.2013.
Gloria Victoria, music by D. Shostakovitch, 7th symphony

Bootleg recording from the live music performance of XXcentury trilogy at Poznan, Polland 19.07.2013.
Orchestre L’ Autunno, conductor Adam Banaszak.

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TV8, from Annecy

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