Champlain sketches

In 2008 I was appointed as an art director, painter and a lead animator, as well as After Effects 3d artist for the 3d stereoscopic film “Tracing Champlain” commemorating 400th anniversary of Quebec. It was a 7 months intense day &night work. I did a 4 min. fully animated piece in the film, but also painted the 2 paintings for the film, 1 of them is still exposed at the Quebec Museum of Civilization. Here are some of the preparatory sketches, and research work for the paintings, and the film.

Melissa destroys the initial painting. Scene from the film.

Melissa destroys the commissioned painting. Photo from the film.

The priest sketch.

David Kirke portrait and calligraphy.

Melissa works on her painting.

Sketch – Grave du Pont.

Color esquise for the painting.

Initial sketch, 1 painting – Champlain arrives in Quebec.