An old CD

Just found in a very, very old CD those old posters. I was already in Montreal (or just before I arrived ) when I did them, but still working for some theater companies in Sofia. 1998-2001.
I absolutely forgot even that I did those posters. I even don’t think that I have printed copies of them ( except the posters for Trainspotting) The others are lost somewhere, I guess… Memories… At this time of my life I was doing between 15 and 30 posters annually. Which is more than the posters that I did in Canada for 10 Years…This is exactly the difference between hectic Bulgaria, and the slow motion Canada. I’m still not sure what I prefer though…

The Dove

Hamlet in a piquant dressing
A poster for French institut in Sofia for the XXI century.

Trainspotting theater play