Tower Bawher

It seems that there are several “illegal” postings of Tower Bawher on the net. I don’t mind that my films are posted – the only thing that I care is that they are seen by people, and make them angry, or happy, or evoke emotions. NFB just put the film legally on their web site, in better quality.

I know that a special site for the “XX century” trilogy (which Tower Bawher and Drux Flux are part of) is being prepared, with additional materials, interviews, and information.
But I’m quit happy that there people are copying it and make it visible on their own will.
Well, the quality is not excellent, but it is ok for me. I quit like the compression artefacts on my films. It adds something quite unique on every post…
So there are links to some of the postings, I don’t know for how long they will be available.