The ephemeral nature of “new media”

From time to time I have to clean my archives. Then, I find hundreds of forgotten works, projects. I just found a CD with an old version of Mortadellatv. At this time (2001) it was full with interactive art, new media “paintings” and “conceptual” flash. As I now believe the interactive art is a “pass√©” – (it is aging extremely badly – does anyone remembers “Onceuponaforest” or Pitaru experiments, or…forgot their names even…There were many.)¬† Everything is dead, it even doesn’t exists on the web. So, I was lucky enough not to loose my time too much on all those projects (and not to spend any money on it). Some of them won awards.

My favorite was:

“Symbiotic colostrum – letters to the muse”

It is an interactive “love” painting, in which the movement of the mouse was indicating the words of a “love letter”. It had the ability to send generated Latin letters to a person (not to be revealed:)

The Story of King Midas