2010 manifesto of animation – first comes first!

Exactly 10 Years ago, a group of designers signed the First Comes First design m…anifesto.
So, a little bit later, there is the FCF manifesto of the animation.
1. Draw at least one drawing a day.
2. Read, watch, listen.
3. Sex at least once a day.
4. Run or exercise at least 30 min. per day.
5. Don’t touch ugly things. They destroy Your sense of aesthetic.
6. Don’t do stupid jobs only for money.
7.Don’t drink cheap wine. Don’t eat in a cheap restaurants, no fast food! Don’t think about Your rent, or credits. If You buy a car – nothing less than a new expensive one. Better ecological hybrid. Everything less is a garbage.
8. Steal, steal, steal (this one is stolen from Yurii Norstein!)
9. Don’t watch Cartoon Network, or any other Cartoons, – it is dangerous for Your brain.
10. Always remember – a “G-Star” jacket or “7…” jeans is always more
valuable than Your film, no mater how many Years, months, or seconds You’ve spent on it.
and the additional:
11. (The Most important!) Don’t take seriously, don’t follow and trust this manifesto! ;)