Lip-synch the life

I rarely write about other works on my site. But yesterday I saw a piece of art, that deeply moved me, and I must say – is a real inspiration for me, evoking some really dramatically decisions, may be. I always loved the theater, more than everything. I started with the theater, studied theater, was making posters for the theater. It seems to be my destiny, to love this art form. But after I saw yesterday Robert Lepage 9 hours LIPSYNCH, I know for sure, that this is one of most powerful and deep experiences and feelings, I’ve ever had. It started, that I cried after the first 10 min. It ended crying at the end. At the middle I’ve laughed as hell. It was thought provoking, deep, intense experience. It passed as a 5 min adrenalin booster.
This tale for the voice, the lack of the voice, and imitated, synchronized voice behind the life, is a smashing achievement for the contemporary theater. I think it has the impact of Brook’s Mahabharata, but goes further. It tells the stories of 9 people, lip-sinchronised in their desperate essay to understand their life, to remember it, and to hear their inner and true voices. And the voices, the true voices, and the words, and the accents, can change everything, not because they are meaningful, but because behind each voice stays an unique human, and the language is nothing but vowels, and syllables. It is a music, that we think understand, but are often mistaken (one of the monologues in the play stated after hearing that he cannot be understood in his own country by his greek secretary – “My bloody Scotish accent, ea? What about Your accent, Greek girl? What about all those polishes, roumanians, EastEuropeans in my city? ” Even the italians are gone,from their pizzarias, at least we understood them! Nobody speeks English in London anymore! I have to pass a crash course on Serbo-croation, if I want to order a capuchino at the coffee on the corner. It become a Disney world of the planet, my city!”
It is not the language, my friends. The world has changed, and our brains. It is the music of Your voice that is important.
The music of the silence is the only one that counts, when we love and hate.
Abfiejhafjsal ajikhadso mucho amourekos!