About the cinema, and the money

A text by Xavier Dolan, responding critics over his speech at the Jutra gala. In French. I totally support every word he says:
And, if we talk about animation? What is going to be said? About overpraised animated shorts, over budgeted, done for 10 Years, and seen only from 50 person? About doubtlessly significant for me projects, boring, and pretentious, so even their creators start snoring watching them? No comments. Be clever. And don’t abuse the system! It is good, but don’t rape it! Cause the day when we will all be on the street, depressed, and poor, and without financing, and asking our grand mother for a bunch of money to do our sound, and make a single 35 copie, is approaching… Don’t force the coming of this day with Your films! It is a déja vu… I’ve lived it in the country, where I came from. I saw it in our neighbors, too.
Or we have to start from now pitching for Kleenex and Charming advertising… Without success, of course. They need “no brainers”, no teasers. Better create a viral video, and post it on Youtube,. And wait for God(o) to come, following Our traffic fame…