A Place for a Film, a Place for…

Sometimes I think – OK, now, it is relatively easy to show Your works, and to achieve fast recognition, success, interest, or simply – traffic. So, I make a film, post it on Internet, and that’s it. Like I was doing it 10 Years ago. I had my pleasure, the traffic of my site is huge, daily is much bigger, than a screening in a big (for today standards) cinema, it will be seen.

So, why do I need festivals? Why do I need to send my films, to bother about selections, deadline, shipping costs, etc. Pay expensive plane tickets t o get there, and have a screening for half of the people that I can achieve in one day on my site?

Because, the reason why a director makes films is the same as the artists.An artist (after having his pleasure of creating a work at his studio) needs a vernissage. An Opening. He needs to see his works out of his studio. To share the excitement of showing his works for first time! A musician cannot live without his live shows, without the feeling of the public. A symphony orchestra cannot exist without making concerts. A writer cannot survive without going to the bookstore, and have his book in his hands, meet his readers, see it together with the other books, even if it’s hidden on the Nth shelf, and no one buys it.

Showing my film online is one thing. But being on a screening of my films, is another. Especially on a big festival. Every time when I attend a festival, and go the screening of my film, I don’t go, so I see it again, and egocentrically to flatter myself, and fall into self masturbation. I go to feel the breath of the people in the hall. I can say exactly, at what row, and seat, what kind of feeling is projected. I like the sense of hearing the pulse, the hate even, the discomfort of this man, 3 rows from mine, in left. The excitement of the woman 5 rows from here, 12 seat. The snoring of the ado 2 rows behind. I think, I can feel everybody in the hall. And this is why, without showing my films on festivals, and being there, I wouldn’t make films.

I prefer to be in a screening room with 20 people, than 200 000 viewers to see my film online.Yes,  both, together, they provide a fuel for my next film. Doesn’t matter if they like it or not.

It is like having sex without a partner. It is just a masturbation. You have the pleasure for Yourself. But You don’t share it. This is why the filmmakers need the live screenings, and the festivals. It is the only way to keep the films alive. Without this – we die.