An indefinable object of desire

Well. Here is the story. 8 years ago my friend Laurent Rabatel came with the proposition, to make a boutique advertising and design agency. And the first thing was the…logo. I did it. The name Lichen that he gave to the agency was the first, and the only one that came. So was the logo. NO takes. NO doubts. The very same day my daughter was born. Actually, after giving him the file, I was running to the hospital. So for me, Lichen communication and my daughter Alexandra are always part of an indefinable love.

I jumped after into the adventure called moviemaking, and Laurent continued alone the battle with the kitch, the miserable advertising community. 8 years. Lichen established as the uncompromising and the only radical place in Montreal where the advertising doesn’t lick client’s asses, but work in his solemn interest, even if he doesn’t know it. The last fighter for the good taste. And the opposition of “creativity” – cause creativity is a borring cliché, and the only thing that we need is the invention and the arrogancy to be the FIRST!