The Lipsett storm

It is like a storm. First were some Canadian medias. Then “Rolling Stone”, Bulgaria ( one of the best interviews that I’ve ever had, though, the girl was really, really smart). Russian newspapers. An article even invented the genre “mocumentary”, trying to describe the genre in which the film was done. A Russian newspaper in Montreal quoted my Suitcase diaries?! about Hiroshima even. Now, Lipsett is the most popular Canadian director in East Europe – or may be, even the only one. The only experimantal director known there, for sure.Now it is not only George Lucas who praise him…  Soon, the students in East Europe will start to study him, as they do in Concordia, and Toronto, for example. Yes, this is the AWARD, that I’ve never dreamed of, while making this film.

Now, there are more russians, Bulgarian, Croations who know who Lipsett is, than Canadian ones. Yesterday, at the first screening in Montreal, there were still people who’ve heard about him for the first time. The people are starting watching his films, talk about the bipolar disorder, discuss his films. I wouldn’t be more satisfied than this.

It has never been important if the film is good or not. The people are talking about Lipsett.” The Medium is the Message ” McCoulough said. Lipsett also loved McCoulough, putting him on his 21-87 film.  Susan Sontag wrote in 60’s:

It is possible to elude the interpreters in another way, by making works of art whose surface is so unified and clean, whose momentum is so rapid, whose address is so direct, that the work can be… just what it is.

Damn right was Sontag, as usual.

It doesn’t matter what it is on it, as everyone is watching it. Postmodernity does restore a use value to aesthetic production, but the use is not simply functional. This condition is marked by dematerialization, simulation and commodification of aesthetic artefacts, most of which are pure image. The formerly elite culturall appreciation has not so much vanished, as exploded. What will matters, is the content…