Haunted by demons, redeemed by film

Theodore Ushev’s award-winning animation captures Arthur Lipsett’s life and work in just 14 minutes

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“But for anyone who missed it at FNC, the real showstopper is Theodore Ushev’s Lipsett Diaries, about renowned Canadian avante garde filmmaker Arthur Lipsett, which may well be a con­tender for best film of the year—and I don’t just mean “best short film,” “best animated film,” or “best Canadian film.” A visual and aural assault that meshes expressionistic painting with re-pur­posed clips and dialogue from Lipsett’s films, the film creates a fictional diary (written by animation historian Chris Robinson, who will appear in person to discuss the film) that follows the chaot­ic trajectory of Lipsett’s life, sadly ended by suicide in 1986.”
KIER-LA JANISSE, “Montreal Mirror”
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“L’ensemble est fragmenté en une structure dadaïste, à la manière Lipsettt, vraiment remarquable. C’est Xavier Dolan qui assure la narration dans les deux langues, meilleur en anglais, au demeurant. La bande sonore, très travaillée par Olivier Calvert, est un collage musical répondant à celui des images. ”

Odille Tremblay “Le Devoir”
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“Recréer le passé” par Guillaume Moffet
VOIR, Ottawa