The cloud breaths

Yesterday evening, we did a masterclass. Didn’t expect so many people. I felt happy. For first time we did a “live cinema” performance. “Cloud breaths” Chris wrote the text. Poetic, and powerful. I was mixing directly animations, footage, sounds. It went smooth. Too bad, my fiend had a problem with the camera, didn’t film it, so it is gone forever. Even better! It stays a Zen event, the happiness of the momentum. Everything that rest is those 15 min. of pure exaltation, shared love and emotions. I feel happy.

Quotation of the evening:

“You have to stop going to those festivals, partying, drinking, f…, women. And stay at home and do films, don’t spend Your time and talent for nothing. And come finally to fix Your teeth!” My dentist, Dr. Y.P., after the workshop.

I will listen to her. Tomorrow I fly to Holland… And another month and a half of festivals, and …