Tzaritza #7 on top 20 NFB films for iPhone

A post by Matthew Forsythe on NFB site.
Posted on January 4, 2010

Since we released our iPhone app last year, we’re getting an increasing amount of mobile traffic watching NFB films. Here’s a snapshot of the top 20 films people are watching on their iPhones…

  1. The Cat Came Back 21901
  2. Log Driver’s Waltz 12702
  3. Citizen Harold 10481
  4. Noël Noël 9875
  5. HA’Aki 8930
  6. The Sweater 8777
  7. Tzaritza 7563
  8. Marianne’s Theatre 7088
  9. The Big Snit 6387
  10. Carts of Darkness 6064
  11. Project Grizzly 5902
  12. How to Build an Igloo 5477
  13. The October Crisis of 1970 5415
  14. Uncle Bob’s Hospital Visit 5242
  15. Ryan 5015
  16. I Want a Dog 4645
  17. The True Story of Linda M. 4576
  18. Just Another Job 4479

*A “view” is any film that is watched at least 75% of its duration. This is a more rigorous definition of a view than some other online video portals. YouTube records a view every time a video starts playing.

And here is my comment – the fact that a film has more traffic, doesn’t mean it is better. It is like the box-office at the cinema, but without the money.  The traffic doesn’t make a film better or worse. It cannot be a measurement for the art. Only for popularity, which as we know doesn’t mean better art.